Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bengkulu again

my dreams come true in Bengkulu. Dream about snorkling ^_^

the first sport that we go it Sungai Suci beach


The next stage is Marina's anchorage
the most beautiful sunset that i ever see

Pulau Tikus is the small island in Bengkulu and I can't explane how amazing that place is!. Zakat beach is the start place to go to Tikus island. We have to hired some fisherman's boat. That is aroun Rp. 700.000,-. one boat can lead aroun 8 peoples and from Zakat beach to Tikus island is needed aroun 1 ours.

 the boat to go to Tikus island

the end of journey
in this trip, Bengkulu make me more need to snorkling
next trip Enggano island and Kiluan beach
wish come soon

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